New IKEA Restaurant (Richmond)

I have some fond memories of the old IKEA restaurant, so I was particularly excited when the new IKEA opened. The new IKEA restaurant is located 2 floors up from the parking lot right next to the escalators. It's much bigger than the old one with plenty of seating and a very spacious ordering section. Menu items are clearly listed along with pictures on signboards above the counters.

The food below costs about $11 plus tax. It's simple cafeteria comfort food, but it's great for a quick bite after shopping.

The Swedish meatballs are my favourite. I had 10 meatballs ($4.99) with mashed potatoes, gravy and a small pat of lingonberry jam. It didn't look like a lot, but the meatballs were very heavy and filling since they were lightly fried. The tart lingonberry jam went well with the meat; unfortunately there wasn't nearly enough jam for my liking. IKEA actually sells the stuff in a jar and I remember it being quite expensive. The gravy was kind of bland and it served as a good reminder that this was cafeteria food after all.

The organic crepes used to be my must-order item at the old IKEA Restaurant, but not anymore after this visit. The organic mushroom and cheese crepe combo ($3.99) was a huge disappointment. The crepe itself was overcooked and very dry, while the mushrooms and cheese inside were pretty much flavourless. I like the old spinach and cheese crepe a lot more. I wonder why IKEA decided to abandon spinach and switch to mushrooms?

One of the cheapest options is the cinnamon bun and coffee combo ($2). To be honest though, I'd rather pay a bit more for the hot foods. The bun didn't have a nice texture and the coffee was your typical brewed coffee.

IKEA Restaurant is a good place to get some cheap food. There are specials on specific days during specific times like $1 breakfast before 11 am everyday and $2.99 for 15 meatballs after 2 pm on Tuesdays. The full list of specials valid until the end of this year is posted below:
  • Everyday 2-5 pm: Almond Cake w/ Butterscotch and a Tea or Coffee - $1.99 (regularly $2.99)
  • Tuesdays, 2 pm-close: 15-Piece Meatball Plate - $2.99 (regularly $5.99)
  • Wednesdays after 11 am: Organic Chicken Mandarin Salad - $3.99 (regularly $5.99)
  • Thursdays 2 pm-close: Haddock and Chips - $2.99 (regularly $6.49)
Be sure to try it out when you go shopping at IKEA! And don't forget about the $1 yogurt and $0.75 hot dogs at the exit cafe.

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