Pearl Castle 圓香 (Richmond Centre)

August 25, 2012
Ever since Pearl Castle opened a franchise location in Richmond Centre, it has become one of the most popular food options in the mall. The place is packed every time I pass by and there is always a swarm of people near the door waiting for a table. I never bothered trying it though, because I just assumed that people went there for the convenience and not the quality. But since Best Bubble Cafe seems to be closed for good, I had to scout for another place with a decent almond flake fluffy cream toast. It turned out the fluffy cream toast (奶酥厚片) ($3.50) here was exactly the same with lots of buttery cream and crispy almond flakes.

As usual, I ordered hot milk tea (圓香奶茶) ($4.75) to go with my food. It was very similar to the one at Best Bubble, but it was slightly weaker in flavour.

The kimchi fried rice (泡菜炒飯) ($7.95) was moist, savoury and not very spicy. I found it a bit boring though, since there weren't a lot of ingredients apart from kimchi.

The sweet and sour slice cod (糖醋鱈魚) ($9.20) was a bit pricier because of the fish, but the cod actually didn't taste very fresh. Luckily the sweet and sour sauce pretty much covered all the other tastes. I liked how the sauce wasn't very starchy and the flavour was nice and appetizing.

I thought the food here was better than the food at the Sexsmith location, but the service was horrible. It took forever for someone to come and take our order and it was difficult trying to wave someone down for the bill or extra cutlery and napkins. I wouldn't purposely come here again, but I wouldn't mind dropping by for a bite when I'm in Richmond Centre.

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