What8ver Cafe 頑茶流

What8ver has been on my wish list for a long time because I've heard so many good things about their signature honey toast dessert. For some odd reason, things always seemed to come up every time I tried to go there. The place was either closed or packed full, so my visit kept getting delayed. Although the cafe is mainly a bubble tea place and only serves snacks, it is always fully packed with at least a 30 minute wait without a reservation. This time I went with Shamu and Mich, and we were lucky to be able to get a table without a wait since we agreed to sit outside. Apparently nobody wanted to sit outside right next to the parking lot, but we liked the cool breeze and the quietness compared to the loud chatter inside. The only downside was the occasional waft of cigarette smoke.

The honey toast ($9.99) was not listed on the menu; I suppose it's sort of like an open secret now. There were 3 flavours to choose from: vanilla, strawberry, and green tea. I suggested green tea since it was a less common choice and I think Shamu mentioned she likes the taste of green tea. The toast box came with green tea ice cream, sweet red bean and custard.

The bread was drizzled in honey and crusted with white sugar. For a more detailed description of toast boxes, check out my post on Flo Tea Room (Vancouver). I thought the bread here was much better since it was crustier, more thoroughly toasted, and the sugar coating added a layer of texture and sweetness.

Since it was a somewhat breezy night and we were sitting outside, I ordered a pot of hot almond milk tea ($4.25) to go with the dessert. The pot was in the form of a coffee maker which was interesting and rather practical, as it kept the tea warm for quite a long time. The artificial almond flavour was much too strong for me though. I would probably opt for a more conventional choice next time.

If I want to eat honey toast, this would be my first place to check. The toast here is quite a bit pricier than the one at Flo Tea Room, but I think the difference in quality is worth the difference in price. Just be warned that you can't expect to eat here unless you have a reservation or don't mind waiting for a long time.

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