Flo Tea Room 采 (Vancouver)

August 16, 2012
Doris said she was craving honey toast and I've been meaning to try it, so we went on a hunt for honey toast in Richmond. Unfortunately it was a Monday and What8ver was closed, so we had to satisfy our craving elsewhere. I remembered Kirby mentioned there was honey toast at Flo Tea Room, but we found out after a quick phone call to the Richmond location that it was only available in Vancouver.

In the end, we had to cross the bridge for a taste of this elusive honey toast box ($7.50). There were 3 syrup toppings to choose from: chocolate, strawberry and caramel. I went with chocolate, thinking it would be the safest bet. Was it? Well I suppose I'll never find out unless I go back and try the other 2 syrups. Doris said she thought the chocolate was too sweet, but I thought it was acceptable for a dessert.

I've always wondered... What does the inside of a honey toast box look like? I always thought the white bread inside is cut out and used to make sandwiches or something and the box is stuffed with other foods like fruits and ice cream. But actually the bread inside is cut into 9 columns, lightly toasted and drizzled with honey, then stuffed back into the box. The easiest way to eat this is to cut off one side of the box and finish the insides before devouring the box itself.

The main appeal of the honey toast box is definitely the novelty factor. In reality though, it's just a giant toast with honey, ice cream, syrup, and an impressive presentation. I liked it, but also felt that it was lacking in something. Perhaps the bread was a bit too dry? And the flavour was very one-dimensional. The syrup was sweet, but did not have much of a chocolate flavour. I actually visited What8ver Cafe shortly after this and I thought the honey toast there was much better, so I probably won't be back again.

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