Cafe Savoureux

August 29, 2012
Cafe Savoureux is in the same strip mall as Best Bubble Cafe, Bubble World, and What8ver Cafe. However, it is very different in nature as it is an actual coffee house and not a bubble tea place. I passed by last time with Shamu and Mich and the sign out front featuring civet coffee peaked my interest, so I suggested this place to meet up with Dodo and Py. For those of you who don't know, civet coffee is renowned as the most expensive coffee in the world. The coffee beans are fed to an animal called a civet and are then harvested from its feces. That doesn't sound very appetizing, but supposedly the enzymes from the civet's digestive tract decreases the bitterness and creates a delightful aroma. We didn't end up trying this because we weren't prepared for the price tag: $60 for 4 consecutive presses (with 2 complimentary desserts based on the current promotion). It's actually not too bad if the three of us split the cost as sharing is allowed; perhaps we'll give it a try next time.

The ambiance was very quiet and relaxing and perfect for a casual conversation with friends over a cup of delicious coffee.

I chose green tea coffee ($5.95) from the specialty hot coffee section of the menu. It was pretty much a latte with matcha powder sprinkled on top of a layer of creamy milk foam. I used the spoon to scoop up the foam and matcha which were quite enjoyable by themselves. But then I was stupid and decided to mix them into the coffee. The matcha sank to the bottom and didn't really dissolve properly, so I got a regular latte with no matcha flavour at all. The coffee was good though, and I liked the quiet environment.

Dodo had coffee with cream, but the cream curdled as it was stirred into the hot drink. A subsequent sniff confirmed our suspicions that the cream had gone sour. We notified the waitress and she immediately agreed to replace it with a new cup of coffee. After we finished our drinks, she brought us hot water and even refilled it as we chatted. We didn't feel rushed at all and could take our time in finishing up our conversation. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest this place for a coffee and chat with friends.

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