ABC Country Restaurant (Richmond)

ABC Country has been around for many years and is located right between Canadian Tire and Yaohan. I went there for brunch today after learning that they serve breakfast all day 7 days a week.

Cold water was served in a cute glass jar mug. Unfortunately the horrible taste of stale tap water totally ruined it.

I never thought a salad would be my favourite dish at a restaurant, but the Thai chicken salad ($12.49) was really tasty with tender strips of chicken breast and juicy slices of mandarin orange. The garlic ciabatta was crispy on one side and soft on the other. I liked the contrasting layers of texture combined with the delicate fragrance of garlic and herbs.

The Belgian waffle ($7.99) was one of the worst I've had. It was really doughy and gummy and I could taste the flour. I think there was wheat flour in the batter because the texture was coarse and grainy and there was a vague hint of wheat flavour. The waffle was rather bland and there was no rich buttery taste at all. It was not worth $8 and to be honest, I wouldn't eat it even if it were free. If you're in the mood for waffles, do yourself a favour and go visit Damien's for yummy liege waffles.

The farmhand's breakfast ($10.49) came with 2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 bacon strips, a pile of hash browns and a choice of toast, pancakes or sliced tomatoes. Everything was super oily, but that's typical of these "eggs and meat" dishes. Both the eggs and meat were decent, but I thought there was very little egg white considering there were 2 eggs. Oh well, they must have used small eggs. The hash browns were alright, but I personally prefer IHOP's version made with flattened crispy potato strips instead of mushy potato lumps.

The pancakes that came with the meal basically tasted the same as the waffle except they were softer because of their shape. It was difficult trying to cut them up not because they weren't soft enough, but because the batter was kind of gummy and just stuck together.

It was not a pleasant brunch experience and the prices were not cheap at all. Brewed coffee was $2.50 and tasted worse than Mcdonald's coffee. At least there was free refill. Not that I would want a refill since it was so bad... I suppose the prices are reasonable if you consider just the quantity of food you're getting, but absurd if you take the quality into account as well.

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  1. Glad I never tried it! =P

  2. Yes trust the power of your instinct! :P

  3. It's been a long time since I've been here, but I remember the place is overpriced and the food wasn't that great.


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