August 04, 2011
I was in the Steveston area to pick up some waffles from Damien's and happened upon Rocanini, a roomy corner cafe on Moncton. For those of you who haven't heard of Damien's, be sure to pay them a visit. They have the best liege waffles in Richmond. Anyway after I got my waffles, I wandered around and spotted a sign outside Rocanini: "2 for 1 traditional cappuccino Mon-Fri". Needless to say, I decided to try it out despite being more of a latte person. There is no confusion with ordering drinks here as there is only one size and the listed prices already include HST.

The cafe decor is minimalist with clean simple designs, but that is part of the charm. I love the super high ceiling and the tall glass windows along the entire length of the wall on both sides. The extra vertical space and ample sunlight are both factors that contribute to a bright and comfortable seating area with a delightful street view.

The cashier brought the cappuccino ($3.49) over to the table after a short 5 minute wait. The creamy milk foam sitting in a ring of deep brown espresso looked very appealing and inviting. The drink was as velvety smooth as it looked with a rich espresso flavour that wasn't bitter at all.

The staff could definitely be more cheerful, but service is not a huge concern for me at a coffee shop. I'm happy as long as the coffee is good. I've got to remember to check out their weekly specials for more great deals!

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  1. OoOo I was going to go there with my friend, but we got sidetracked when I was in Vancouver... damn! They have a location somewhere downtown, too.

  2. Next time! We could go when you come back :P


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