Damien's Belgian Waffles

Damien's has been on my to-try list for a while, so this afternoon I went all the way to Steveston to grab a few liege waffles to take home. The place is somewhat difficult to find since it's located in the corner of a small strip mall with a modest sign that says "Real Belgian Waffle". I had expected to see "Damien's" in large font, so I passed by without noticing the store.

The storefront is relatively bare apart from the waffles sitting behind the glass display, but the inviting aroma of freshly made waffles more than compensates for the lack of decor.

The menu is simple. A regular waffle is $2.50 and a chocolate waffle is $2.75. The price is cheaper for a box of 6, 8, 10 or 16, and each chocolate waffle costs 25 cents extra. I picked up a box of 6 for tasting purposes. I'm usually reluctant to buy a large box of something I haven't tried before, but now I wish I had bought a box of 10 or 16 instead... They were that good!

I bought a few different flavours including banana chocochip, caramel, cranberry and plain. They were all delicious, but my favourite is the original plain waffle. The banana chocochip was very nice as well. There were lumps of pearl sugar inside the dough, giving the waffles a sweet burst of sugary goodness that went perfectly with the rich buttery flavour. The texture was dense and slightly chewy, but still fluffy enough to bite through easily.

The waffles tasted amazing and what's even more amazing is that the ingredients list does not contain eggs! I love this place and will definitely come back for more of these scrumptious waffles.

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  1. Woah, right in Steveston!? I gotta try this place out, might be a nice way to end a night of gorging at Kisamo's or Pajo's!

  2. Haha I can tell you're excited. But keep in mind the place is closed on Mondays and only open from 9 to 5 on other days. It's operated by a husband and wife team and I saw their kid running around in the store. There were only 2-3 tiny tables there, so I think it's mainly a take-out joint.

  3. I've been meaning to try this place after seeing it in klip magazine (the "magazine" from daiso with all the food coupons)! looks like i'll have to bump it up on my list :)

  4. Omg I saw the coupon on Klip right AFTER I came back from the store... Grrr... Oh well, there's always a next time :P

  5. thanks for the heads up on the hours. It'll be hard to get there before 5pm....we'll have to figure something out.


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