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September 03, 2014
I was quite excited when I discovered another store in Edmonton that specializes in poutines. I still crave the authentic poutine with squeaky cheese curds from La Belle Patate (Vancouver), and was hoping that La Poutine's offerings would be similar. The ordering process was simple: choose a poutine from the list available, and specify a size (regular/large) and type of gravy (traditional, beef, or gluten-free). I opted for the traditional poutine (reg: $6.19) with no toppings other than the typical cheese curds and gravy. I selected the traditional gravy, a vegan option that was light and not very rich in flavour. Overall I enjoyed this poutine much more than the one at MyFries, but there were some parts I did not appreciate. First of all, the fries were not crispy on the outside; they were not mushy, but just kind of soft. And although the cheese curds did not melt into gooey strings, they were also on the soft side and did not "squeak" as they were not firm enough.

I also tried a bit of the Hawaiian poutine (reg: $8.50) with a topping of smoked meat, crushed pineapples, and BBQ sauce in addition to cheese curds and gravy. The sweet-tart pineapple was refreshing, and worked well to balance the heaviness of the fries, meat, and cheese. Unfortunately the Hawaiian is only a seasonal flavour available in March.

The store was small and cramped, and seemed to be a popular hangout for students due to its location near U of A. Lunch hour was especially busy, so it was difficult getting a table. (The entire store has only 10 seats excluding outdoor seating.) And even with a table, it was not enjoyable dining in because of the cramped surroundings and people coming and going with their takeout orders. Not particularly convenient for me, but I think it's a good takeout option for people studying or working nearby.

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