Coco Deep Fried Chicken

September 07, 2014
I've noticed that many Korean dramas make references to fried chicken and beer, or "chimek" as they call it ("chi" for chicken and "mek" for mekju, the Korean word for beer). This seems to be the go-to comfort food for failed relationships and work woes, or just a casual takeout meal. And now Edmonton has its own authentic Korean fried chicken store — Coco Deep Fried Chicken.

The store is simple with no fancy decor, but it is quite spacious for what one would consider a takeout joint. Food is ordered at the counter, and eating utensils (paper plates, plastic forks, wooden chopsticks) are self-serve. There is a pretty good selection of domestic and imported beers in the fridge including Korean brand Cass (330mL: $3.99) and Japanese Sapporo (500mL: $4.49).

I ordered a 10-piece half-and-half family pack ($22.99) which includes both crispy chicken and sweet and hot chicken. So what makes Korean fried chicken different from its American counterpart? First of all, the battered chicken is double-fried to create a crunchy, crackly, and non-greasy skin. Secondly, the meat inside is more juicy and moist due to the use of younger chickens.

The same double-fried chicken tossed in a specialty sweet and hot sauce offers a completely different taste. The skin on the marinated chicken is not crunchy but moist with a strong garlic flavour. The sauce is not too spicy with a subtle sweetness that adds to the tanginess.

The 10-piece family pack also comes with a complimentary side dish. This time I got pickled radish cubes, but on other occasions I have also gotten a free can of pop instead. It seems to vary from time to time.

Since I was dining in on this particular visit, I also ordered a large rice ($2.49) and a side of large kimchi ($2.49).

I'm glad to see the chimek craze coming to Edmonton. I tend to crave the foods I see people eating on TV, so next time I see chimek in a Korean drama, I can go and get some too!

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