MyFries Poutine

March 16, 2014
Someone I worked with knew I used to be crazy about poutines, so he suggested lunch at a place called MyFries that serves only poutines and nothing else.

The place was small, but it looked clean and bright. Customers could seat themselves at any of the tables and order food at the counter.

I was glad to see that apart from regular soft drinks, there were several Jones Soda flavours available. I picked up a cream soda ($2.25); it was light, fizzy, and refreshing!

Against my better judgement, I didn't take the classic poutine with just gravy and cheese curds. Instead I opted for BBQ pulled pork (reg: $7.99), which I had expected would consist of moist and tender pulled pork and a generous amount of rich brown sauce. What I got was far from that. The pork was not "pulled", but rather in large coarse chunks covered in a thick tomato sauce that tasted like it came out of a can. The sauce did not go well with the pork, and there wasn't even enough to go with the fries on the bottom.

The other dish, a chicken fajita (large: $10.49), did not look that great either. The fries and sauce were not even hot enough to melt the shredded cheese on top. Now I know that real authentic cheese curds are not supposed to melt, but this shredded cheese was obviously mozzarella and cheddar.

The poutines were served lukewarm, and were not impressive by any means. However, the fries are advertised as oven-baked, resulting in low fat and low calories, so there's that for those health-conscious customers who for some reason decide to have poutine as a meal.

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  1. We can go here for your birthday haha

  2. Oh I've been there. Just haven't posted yet... It's an extremely tiny store with 10 seats.

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