Teriyaki Corner (South - Summerside)

January 22, 2013
I didn't know that Teriyaki Corner is a chain restaurant when I first visited, but that explains a lot about the quality of the food. The chicken udon noodle soup bowl ($7.95) was just slightly above food court standards. The udon broth was bland and flavourless while the teriyaki chicken was not as tender and savoury as it looked. The noodles were disappointing too as they were the mushy type instead of the bouncy type.

I also ordered a couple of spicy salmon nigiri ($1.75 ea) and it came on a plastic tray with Mousie's salmon maki! We ordered and paid separately at the counter, so did they expect us to share a plate just because we sat at the same table? And the spicy salmon nigiri was actually not a nigiri but a gunkan-maki — a strip of seaweed wrapped around a rice ball with chopped marinated fish on top. The salmon looked really tasty with all that sauce and what looked like shichimi powder sprinkled on top, but in fact it was very weak in flavour and the fish was so not fresh that I couldn't even tell it was salmon.

The meal was quite cheap for the amount of food I got, but I wouldn't want to come back based on the poor quality and lack of service. To me sushi is supposed to be a luxury, so I'd rather not have sub-standard sushi in a cafe setting. And if I wanted teriyaki chicken, I'd rather go to Edo for some juicy teppanyaki chicken and rice.

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