Edo Japan (Terwillegar Gardens)

January 08, 2013
I've always thought of Edo as a fast food chain that's only found in food courts, but there are quite a few Edo restaurants in Edmonton. The restaurants are not full-service and there are walk-up counters for buying food. I visited the Terwillegar Gardens location and found the seating quite comfortable and the tables relatively clean.

I ordered the teriyaki chicken ($7.49) because I had a feeling the beef would be kind of tough. The chicken was almost as good as I remember it — tender and smooth with lots of teriyaki sauce. I think the fact that the meat was cut into tiny shreds helped with the texture and flavour.

The price was not bad for a quick lunch. I think in Edmonton it would be difficult to get a meal for less. But if anyone knows where I can get a cheaper deal, please let me know!

Edo Japan (143 St/23 Ave - Terwillegar Gardens) on Urbanspoon

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