Swiss Chalet (Millwoods) - Festive Special

January 23, 2013
Swiss Chalet got into the Christmas spirit early as they kicked off their festive special at the end of October. I had never been to a Swiss Chalet location before this, so I figured I might as well give it a try when it's cheap. The festive special was $12.49 and included a quarter chicken, stuffing, cranberry sauce, a dinner roll and a choice of side. The chicken was a bit dry and not very tender, but it wasn't too tough since I had dark meat. My favourite part was the stuffing and cranberry sauce; I always find the combination oddly satisfying. The dinner roll was nice and crusty when warm, but became overly chewy as it cooled. The steamed veggies were just bland and completely unseasoned.

I've been eying the dessert sign since the beginning of the meal. Red velvet cake is one of my favourites, so I made sure I saved room for it. The picture of the vibrantly red cake looked really appealing and I wondered briefly whether the real thing would look as nice.

Fortunately this rich and dense red velvet cake ($5.99) did not disappoint. Layers of creamy chocolate and luscious cream cheese icing sandwiched between a cocoa-infused cake made for an interesting contrast of flavours and textures. It wasn't fancy patisserie material, but it was good enough for a chain restaurant.

The festive special even came with a take-home treat of 5 Lindor chocolate balls. Just this package alone would have cost at least $3-$4 at a Lindt store.

The festive special was a pretty good deal, but I wasn't impressed with the chicken. This Swiss Chalet location has one of the lowest Urbanspoon ratings in the city, so that might have something to do with the poorly cooked meal. I'm not too tempted to visit another location though.

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