Mini Mango

When I ate at Teriyaki Corner, I noticed a small Vietnamese and Thai fast food restaurant right beside it with the cute name of Mini Mango. I thought I would give it a try, so I went for dinner one night and ordered a few typical Vietnamese and Thai dishes. The ordering process was a huge hassle to begin with, especially for someone who had never been there before. There were way too many choices for each dish. "Large or small?" "Rice or noodles?" "Regular rice or coconut rice?" "Grilled or stir-fried?" The questions seemed endless and I heaved a sigh of relief after a 5 minute ordering session. As for the food, the pho bo ($7.95) was sufficient in its role as the most basic Vietnamese beef noodle soup. The meat wasn't very tender and the soup wasn't particularly tasty, but both did their job to contribute to a steaming and satisfying noodle bowl.

The mini size tom yum see fuut soup ($7.45) was more than enough for one person, especially with a small order of added noodles (+$1.95). I rather enjoyed this because of the hot and sour tang. But apart from the fact that the soup was piquantly appetizing, there was nothing else special about this noodle bowl.

The dish I enjoyed least was the 5 colour bowl ($11.95). It was a medley of everything including chicken, beef, pork, prawns, spring rolls, and assorted veggies served with coconut rice (+$1.50). There were too many tastes and flavours all mixed together which makes it hard to appreciate the individual ingredients.

None of the dishes were appealing enough to prompt a return visit, though Mini Mango is a convenient and reasonably priced place for some Asian eats.

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