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Mousie introduced me to Tasty Choice a while back. Apart from Crepeworks, this is another place that serves Japanese style crepes. They also serve a variety of HK snacks and bubble tea.

As usual I had a banana chocolate crepe ($4.99) and this one came with a lot of whipped cream. I'm not into whipped cream, but the texture was a bit like yogurt since it was served chilled. The crepe was a bit thicker and crispier around the edges compared to the Crepeworks crepe.

On another visit, I tried some traditional HK style cafe food including macaroni in soup and ham and egg sandwich. I know these sound like Western menu items, but they are actually typical fare in HK style cafes since HK is quite Westernized as a previous British colony.

I read a raving review about the deep fried lychee dumplings with shrimp ($4.99), so I decided to give them a try despite my usual tendancy to stay away from fried foods. Perhaps my expectations were set too high, but these little crispy triangles were not impressive at all. The skin was hard and crunchy and I could barely detect the lychee in the filling.

The macaroni in soup reminded me of breakfast at the local cafe when I lived in HK. Basically that means mediocre fare that is fast and simple and cheap. Except this wasn't really cheap. I wouldn't recommend this dish because it was relatively bland and flavourless and cost too much for what it was. It didn't taste much different from the instant macaroni packs from the supermarket.

The ham and egg sandwich is a common teatime snack in HK style cafes. This one was just average, but it was good enough for a quick bite.

Now for the highlight of the meal! Surprisingly the steamed rice rolls with peanut butter sauce ($3.75) were very good. Perhaps my opinion is based mostly on childhood memories, but this comes very close to what the street-side vendors in HK used to sell. My mom always bought me steamed rice rolls from this granny down the street. She had a little wooden cart and would dole out generous portions of smooth and slippery rice rolls with copious amounts of sauce on top. The only issue with this dish was that the sauce was a bit too watery, but that didn't affect the flavour.

I think I will only come back here for the crepes and steamed rice rolls since the rest of the items are not that great. And the prices are not cheap considering the place is just a casual cafe with no ambiance and no table service.

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