Thursday, January 03, 2013

Once Upon a Cupcake

With a name like Once Upon a Cupcake and a glass display as dreamy as the one shown below, it's hard to imagine anything wrong with the cute and colourful treats here. There is a wide variety of cupcakes from the traditional vanilla to chocolate and red velvet. The most unique thing about this store is that all of the cupcakes have storybook names like Ever After, Prince Charming, Snow White and Enchant-mint.

Since the cupcakes are very expensive for their size ($3.99), I only bought two including Red Riding Hood and Legendary Berry. The Red Riding Hood is a vanilla cake with a hint of chocolate topped with cream cheese icing and red candy bits. The Legendary Berry is a chocolate cake topped with strawberry butter cream and chocolate shavings. I'm not sure if "vanilla cake with a hint of chocolate" is the same thing as red velvet cake, but it tasted nothing like red velvet. And the chocolate cake didn't have a rich and aromatic chocolate flavour at all. Both cakes were very doughy and dense with a texture similar to Play-Doh. Basically I just spent $8 on two chunks of bland artificial-tasting "cake" with an attractive appearance.

This purchase was a huge disappointment. I actually considered buying half a dozen to bring home, but I'm so glad I didn't because it would've been a huge waste of money. Luckily someone shared with me, so I didn't have to finish these two by myself. Appearances sure can be deceiving...

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