Crepeworks (WEM Phase 3)

I was excited to find a Japanese crepe store in Edmonton, especially after my friend in Vancouver warned me that there might not be any. This creperie chain must be quite popular since there are two locations in West Edmonton Mall alone. The storefront is very clean and bright with a typical Japanese style glass display of menu item replicas. I find this convenient because I like to know exactly which ingredients will be in my crepe.

I also like to watch as my crepe is being cooked and prepared.

I ordered the banana ultimate ($6.50) and though it wasn't spectacular, it was quite decent. The crepe came with banana slices, nutella, and toasted coconut shreds that offered a nice crunch. I also got a stamp card with my order. The 9th, 16th, 22nd, 27th, and 32nd crepes are free, so the more crepes I eat the sooner I'll get my complimentary crepe.

This food court creperie also serves savoury crepes. I've tried the California chicken and the Thai chicken, but both were very messy to eat (the sauce kept dripping out) and not nearly as tasty as the sweet crepes. However, they were a bit more filling. I will definitely be making return visits to this food stall.

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  1. Oh my goodness, they did NOT have this in Calgary!

  2. @pyaria: Maybe you just didn't look hard enough, because Crepeworks has a location in Calgary at Market Mall!

  3. Oh geez. I never made it to Market Mall, that's why. Wanted to go there, but the logistics of getting there confounded me.

    The one place I never got to visiting....!


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