Sushi Wasabi

December 27, 2012
After a bit of research, I found a place called Sushi Wasabi in the south that's supposed to be comparable to the sushi restaurants in Vancouver. The place is run and operated by Japanese people, so I suppose that's sort of a guarantee of authenticity. I splurged a bit and ordered the wasabi combo ($50) with 14 nigiri sushi, 2 chopped scallop gunkan maki and 2 maki rolls. The nigiri included salmon, tuna, toro (tuna belly), octopus, unagi (eel), ebi (shrimp), and hamachi (yellowtail). One of the rolls was shrimp and asparagus, and the other was a vegetarian roll of avocado and shiitake mushroom. All of the fish and seafood were extremely fresh and tasty. So far I don't think I've found a place in Edmonton with better sushi.

The nabeyaki udon ($22.50) was very expensive, but it came in a heated pot and the portion was enough for two people to share. It came with a lot of toppings including meat, tofu, fish cakes, mushrooms and assorted veggies, but I would have preferred more udon noodles. The broth was clear and light but very savoury.

The bill came with hard candies as is typical in most restaurants, but I have to comment on this because the candies were from Japanese confectioner Kasugai. They were not the typical toffee or caramel; they were a sweet fruity flavoured candy called flower's kiss. I didn't think they were exceptionally good, but they were a step up from the generic bulk candies.

I keep thinking about the fresh and authentic sushi here, but I can't justify the high prices for a casual lunch or dinner. Also the ambiance is not the best since the store is not very big and the seating is a bit cramped. Guess I'll have to wait for some sort of excuse to come here again.

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