The Keg (South Edmonton Common)

December 11, 2012
The Keg is similar to Red Lobster in the sense that both are chain restaurants that serve seafood and steak. Despite the fine dining label, the ambiance at The Keg is very casual.

Our complimentary appetizer was a warm and fluffy bread with a nice crispy crust. It was nice but not really comparable to the cheese biscuits at Red Lobster.

My favourite steak dish is the filet mignon (7 oz: $30.95) since the meat is always so tender and soft. This tenderloin steak was wrapped in applewood smoked bacon for an extra smoky flavour. I thought the bacon would be dry and tough, but it was actually quite juicy.

This 12 oz prime rib ($26.95) looked really rare and one would assume tender as well, but it wasn't as juicy as it looked because of all the chewy tendons in the meat. I think the prime rib is one of the most popular dishes though, probably because it's a good-sized chunk of meat for a reasonable price.

The spinach salad ($7.95) was a refreshing accompaniment to the red meat. I prefer the soft texture of spinach leaves to crunchy greens like lettuce, and spinach goes so well with goat cheese. This salad had all the goodies packed into it — candied pecans, fresh strawberries, dried cranberries and just a bit of zest from red onion.

I noticed a lot of tables were celebrating a special occasion. During the course of the meal, the birthday song was sung enthusiastically by the staff multiple times and free desserts were brought out for the birthday guys and gals. The Keg seems like a popular place for birthday dinners and I can see why. The food is higher-end but still affordable, and the ambiance is not awkwardly pretentious. It can get a little loud though, so it's not the best place for a romantic dinner.

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