Dynasty Century Palace 金漢龍廷

December 11, 2012
I first heard about Dynasty Century Palace on the news when its previous owner was murdered in front of his house. The restaurant was closed for a while, but it has since reopened. Sitting right in the middle of Chinatown, this spacious 2nd floor establishment is a favourite among many old-timers and this was apparent as I was almost the only customer under 50 during this visit. Perhaps that was partly why I received a lot of stares throughout the meal, but it made me rather uncomfortable. The lack of service didn't really help either. As the food carts came around, I decided to try something I had never seen before. These noodle bundles had ground pork and shrimp inside. They looked kind of bland but were actually quite flavourful.

The baked BBQ pork buns were disappointing as the topping that was supposed to be crunchy was soft and tasteless, and the texture of the bun was mushy.

I found out afterwards that there was another version of baked BBQ pork buns brushed with honey instead of topped with butter crust. This was a little bit better without the mushy and bland crust, but the texture of the bun was still not fluffy enough.

Due to the unimpressive food and service, we decided to leave after just 3 dim sum dishes. Although the restaurant was recommended to us by a Chinese guy who has been in Edmonton for a few decades, I thought the food at Jumbo Dim Sum was much better. Dynasty Century Palace has nicer decor with a red colour motif that is typical of Chinese restaurants, so I can see why the place is preferable for banquet dinners and special occasions.

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