Jumbo Dim Sum 萬豪

December 10, 2012
I was interested in trying dim sum in Edmonton, so I did a bit of Googling and decided on Jumbo. The place had decent reviews and the pictures of the food I found online looked pretty good. The restaurant itself was very casual and basically looked like a street-side eatery. It was very spacious, but definitely lacking in the decor department. Since we were there right when the place opened, the staff told us the dim sum carts wouldn't be coming around for another hour and we had to order off the dim sum sheet instead. We started with baked BBQ pork buns (焗叉燒餐飽) ($3.75). These were quite good as they were piping hot and the texture of the bun was nice and soft.

The steamed dried shrimp rice roll (蒸蝦米蔥腸粉) ($3.75) was simple but good. And I thought it was pretty good value for the size of the dish. There were a lot of dried shrimp and green onions which added just the right amount of flavour to the bland and smooth rice roll.

I was told that these steamed vegetable and pork meat dumplings (魚翅餃) ($3.75) were quite popular a few decades ago. These dumplings were surprisingly tasty and I really liked how the filling was chopped by hand with a well-defined and bouncy texture.

Someone was too eager to try the steamed lotus seed paste buns (香滑蓮蓉飽) ($3.25) and grabbed one before I could take a picture. It was indeed delicious with a velvety smooth sweet lotus seed paste filling and a dense yet fluffy bun.

So my first dim sum experience in Edmonton was not bad at all. After what everyone had been telling me about horrible Chinese food in Alberta, I was actually quite relieved to find that it was better than satisfactory. Looking forward to trying more Chinese options in the city!

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