New Dragon Palace 龍勝新閣

December 20, 2012
After shopping at WEM, I found a Chinese restaurant nearby for a quick and casual dinner. The combo for two ($27.50) was a very good deal as it included a pot of soup, 2 dishes, 2 bowls of rice and dessert. The soup was a traditional slow-cooked broth with rich flavour but a light and clear consistency.

The eight treasure tofu pot was a sizzling pot of tofu with eight other ingredients. I'm not sure I can recount all eight, but there was baby corn, siu choy, Chinese mushroom, cha siu (Chinese BBQ pork), and a variety of seafood including shrimp.

I never thought I'd order sweet and sour pork since it's the most stereotypical Chinese food ever. But for some reason I was in the mood for something sweet and sour and appetizing. The batter was not too thick and the sauce was thick and tasty.

The dessert was a sweet soup of sago (those small clear dots in the soup) and pumpkin puree. I was really glad that it wasn't something generic like red bean sweet soup. The pumpkin gave the soup a slightly sandy texture, and I think there was some creamy coconut milk in there too. Also the lady who served us was nice enough to give us an extra bowl of sweet soup since there were three of us.

The food was not bad and I was very happy with the price. The combo for two was just enough food for the three of us. Service was also very good since we dined early on a weeknight and the restaurant was still mostly empty. Think I'll keep this place in mind next time I'm in the area and want a cheap dinner. I wonder if they serve dim sum as well?

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  1. Ohhh, this place looks authentic! Let's go here too!


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