Thai Express (Southgate)

December 20, 2012
I think Thai Express is one of the best options in the Southgate food court. Of course food court fare is never my meal of choice, but it is quite convenient when I don't want to leave the mall. I always get the tom yum soup with rice noodles and fish (~$9). It's pretty expensive for what it is, but that's to be expected at a food court and the portion is big. The soup is quite clear because coconut milk is an optional add-on for an extra charge. I like it better as a clear broth though because there are already so many flavours combined together — sweetness, sourness, spiciness with lemongrass, tomatoes and other veggies. The default spiciness is medium if you don't specify, but it's actually not very spicy at all.

I have read several reviews of unsanitary acts by the staff, and having worked in a food court stall, I know that's pretty common. I'm not saying it's right, but it's one of the things we put up with when we eat out. I wouldn't purposely come eat at Thai Express, but I would consider eating here again for convenience.

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