Dumplings the Restaurant

December 21, 2012
Dumplings is a Sichuan cafe style restaurant in the south. The place also offers bubble tea for some strange reason. I didn't dare try it, but if anyone does, please let me know if it's any good.

Obviously I had to try dumplings at a restaurant called Dumplings. I asked the owner for her recommendation on which type to get, and she immediately recommended the grilled pork dumplings. A full order (12 pcs) costs $10.80 and a half order is $5.90. The dumplings themselves weren't as awesome as I had expected, but the sauce was very unique and tasty. It was a complicated blend of flavours with savouriness, richness and spiciness. The owner said it's a secret recipe of various spices and sauces that takes a long time to make. Apparently it's sold in bottles for customers to take home, but it always sells out quickly.

The Sichuan dan dan noodle soup ($8.90) wasn't super spicy as I thought it would be. After all, whenever I think of Sichuan cuisine, I imagine strings of hot peppers and crazy amounts of piquant spices. But the owner explained to us that it's a common misconception. The purpose of the peppers and spices is to enhance the flavour of the food and not to overload the taste buds.

The tomato egg rice bowl ($8.95) was a simple and healthy option. I thought this would be the most boring dish since tomatoes and eggs are both rather bland. But the seasoning was done well with a flavourful sauce that wasn't too salty or dominating.

I wouldn't mind coming back for some home-style cooking. I enjoyed the quiet and casual ambiance, and the owner was quite friendly and talkative.

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