Moxie's (South Edmonton Common)

December 19, 2012
Since I didn't know my way around the city, I decided to stick with the restaurants in South Edmonton Common. Moxie's seemed like a safe choice as I've generally had good experiences with the chain in Vancouver. I remembered having the chipotle mango chicken ($17.99) at Moxie's on Georgia, so I ordered that again thinking it would be a very safe option. Alas, this was not the case at all. The chicken was dry and tough and overly salty. The mango wasn't even ripe, so it was dry and had no mango flavour at all. Worst of all was the rice. It was also super dry and there were burnt patches that stuck together in a clump. I asked our server to bring us a replacement and he apologized profusely and also thanked us for notifying him. Apparently the kitchen messed up the whole pot of rice and they threw it out after realizing it was burnt.

The ginger teriyaki rice bowl ($13.99) was also overly salty. The chicken was also dry and tough, though it was slightly better because of the sauce. And of course there was the same issue with the rice.

The red Thai curry bowl ($12.99) was a failed attempt at fusion. It didn't taste like curry at all to be honest. It was just a stir-fried chicken and veggie dish with an odd blend of spices.

This review is not very representative of what the restaurant has to offer because we all had chicken and rice of some sort, and both the chicken and rice were really bad. Though I have to say I was really impressed with the customer service regarding the rice issue. We even got a 25% discount on our bill. Also this is the first time I've been thanked for making a complaint. Usually my complaints are met with insincere apologies and sometimes outright denials. So kudos to the Moxie's staff!

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