Golden Rice Bowl 太子軒

December 18, 2012
Golden Rice Bowl is another popular dim sum restaurant on the south side. But personally I still prefer Tasty Noodle because GRB doesn't seem as clean and the presentation of the food is too messy. Our dim sum brunch started with a pork and preserved egg congee. It was not bad, but it wasn't very creamy or fluffy. And there was no bean curd.

The almond shrimp came by in a dim sum cart and I ordered it since it looked interesting. In reality it was just a fried shrimp ball covered in super thin almond slices. In fact, I couldn't even taste the almond, but it did offer a bit of a crunch.

The BBQ pork bun was quite bad because the texture of the bun was so insubstantial that it was bordering on mushy. The dough for the bun was probably too watery, so there wasn't enough flour to hold the bun together.

I wasn't very impressed with the beef innards either. First of all, one piece was lying in the steamer instead of on the plate. Secondly the flavour of the sauce was very weak.

So maybe steamed rice roll isn't my favourite dish, but I've had enough to know that this steamed beef rice roll looks a bit different from the rest. The rice noodle wrap was all wrinkly and the texture was not smooth at all. It stuck to the beef paste filling inside and the whole thing tasted like it had been reheated in the microwave.

The steamed chicken feet were quite nice with plenty of savoury sauce. The portion was also much bigger than the one at Tasty Noodle.

The sweet water chestnut cake was not too bad, but I thought it was slightly undercooked. The texture was also a bit too mushy.

Overall the meal was pretty unimpressive and I would say the food was below average. However the restaurant has a pretty decent rating on Urbanspoon, so I guess to each their own.

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