Moxie's (Georgia)

After free date night at Milestones, Py and I went to Moxie's for their $2.99 margaritas. We ended up having way more than just margaritas! We also tried their spring seasonal dessert: dark chocolate cake with Callebaut granola bark ($7). The chocolate cake was similar in taste to brownies but the texture was oddly chewy and bouncy like chocolate pudding. What I really liked about the cake was that it was not overly sweet. The chocolate granola bark, on the other hand, was much sweeter than the cake, but tasted delicious nonetheless. The French vanilla ice cream was smooth and creamy, and was the perfect complement to the warm chocolate cake.

Py and I polished off the tasty dessert quickly and moved on to other drinks. There is a half price special on 6 oz glasses of wine on Wednesdays, so we tried a German white wine called the Gewürztraminer. It was very sweet with a strong fruitiness, but it turned sour quickly as we were sitting near the stove. Then we started on shots including an amaretto and 3 King Kongs. The amaretto was very sweet and silky smooth with a fragrant almond flavour. In comparison, the King Kong had a stronger bite with its mix of banana liqueur and whiskey. But the highlight of the night was the double White Russian which was surprisingly delicious. It was a creamy milk cocktail with vodka and Kahlua that tasted like coffee-flavoured milk. This could turn out to be my new favourite drink!

EDIT: May 18, 2011

I visited this location again with Py and A, and this time we tried some actual dishes. We started with a wasabi tuna tartare ($12) to go with our drinks. I had debated about whether I should get this because I'm not a fan of wasabi, but the tartare tasted more strongly of avocado than anything else. It was actually guacamole and salsa served with bits of tuna with just the slightest hint of horseradish. It tasted great but definitely lacked presentation.

We also ordered the chipotle mango chicken ($18) to share. It was surprisingly good. The grilled chicken was tender and I just loved the smoky chipotle powder rubbed all over it. The mango added a nice tropical twist to the dish.

I should mention that this location has a very nice ambiance as well. There's an escalator leading to the entrance on the 2nd floor, and the restaurant itself has 2 levels with stairs to an upstairs seating area. The place is a bit far from city centre, but the quiet and relaxing environment is well worth the walk.

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