Milestones (Cambie) - Free Date Night

April 28, 2011
April 27 was free date night at Milestones! Appetizers and entrees were both buy one get one free. Py and I arrived at Milestones Crossroads at around 4:15 pm for an early dinner. The restaurant was quickly filled up by diners eager to take advantage of the promotion. We started off with roasted mushroom and goat cheese risotto balls ($10.99) from the seasonal menu. The risotto was crusted with panko and lightly fried with a creamy goat cheese centre. Each risotto ball was served with a slightly spicy tomato sauce, a drizzle of basil oil and chopped parsley. It was tasty, but also very rich and filling.

Next we had the Thai chicken drummettes ($10.29) which were flavourful but overly salty. I only managed to eat 3 pieces before the saltiness got the better of me.

I got pan seared scallops ($21.99) for my entree. There was a generous portion of 8 scallops with jasmine rice, bok choy and red peppers. The mango chutney on top of the rice was a nice touch that added a cool and refreshing element to the dish. The scallops were not tender enough, but the portion and the seasoning made up for it.

Py ordered the miso glazed black cod ($23.99) which was a very good choice. The fish was so tender that the meat came off easily with the light touch of a fork. The coconut broth was a nice complement to the miso flavour.

Although the food was flavourful and tasty, I found the seasoning a bit too heavy. Despite this issue, Milestones is a great place for casual dinners and drinks.

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