Moxie's (Davie)

January 20, 2011
Mich and I were walking along Davie when we noticed a sign on the sidewalk in front of Moxie's that said "$2.99 margaritas!" We got really excited and decided to go in for margaritas and dessert. I got the raspberry kiwi crush margarita which looked really pretty with layers of red, white and green.

For dessert, I wanted to get the white chocolate brownie ($7.99) but was worried that it would be too sweet. Whenever I see "white chocolate" in a dessert or drink, I usually associate it with a sickening sweetness. The waitress assured me that I would like it, and she was right. The brownie contained small chunks of chocolate and white chocolate inside, and was served slightly warm with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. It wasn't too sweet at all, which was quite surprising to me. In fact, it was the least sweet brownie I have ever tasted, yet it was still very rich and delicious. I should have ordered the bite of brownie (mini version) though, because I only managed to finish a big half of it despite trying very hard.

Mich is always one to try new things, so she decided to get the sticky toffee pudding ($6.99). I have never had this dessert before, so I was a bit surprised to find that it was actually a sticky cake and not a pudding substance. The texture was like a fluffy brownie. It was also served warm with rich toffee sauce. I tried a little bit and found it pretty good, but I still like my brownie more ^^

I really liked the food and ambiance here. The desserts were great, and the margaritas were slushy and tasty. I will be back for the desserts and drinks!

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  1. But you never mentioned how good was the $2.99 maragetas? Thanks for all the comments and compliments though

  2. I said they were slushy and tasty :)
    And $2.99 margaritas are (almost) always good hahaha.


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