Japanese Waffle House 曰式脆餅屋

I've wanted to try the crispy crepes at Japanese Waffle House for some time, but the place was closed for almost 2 months for annual holidays and I had to wait. Then the holidays were extended for another few days and I had to wait even longer. I suppose this food court stall in Crystal Mall must be doing quite well to be able to close for months at a time. Man I wish my job had 2 months of vacation!

I ordered my favourite banana nutella crepe ($5) and it came in a paper cone just like at Mazazu Crepe. The fillings were put in when the crepe was still on the grill, so the melted nutella became quite runny and dripped all over the table as I bit into the crepe. Extra care is required or else you'll find sauce all over your clothes!

They certainly didn't skimp on the filling — lots of nutella and a whole banana to go with the deliciously crunchy crepe. I loved how the edges of the crepe were crispy and crunchy like those Japanese or Chinese style thin wafer cookies. The centre of the crepe was slightly softer but equally fragrant and tasty.

The crepes at Japanese Waffle House are very unique because of their crispy texture. I don't think there are any other crepe houses in Vancouver doing the same thing. If only I knew how to make it at home!

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  1. Ahh, I like coming here for their hard and crispy crepes :D Their savory ones are pretty good too.

  2. @KayCe: Yep the crispy texture is certainly very unique. I've had savoury crepes before (not here though), but I tend to prefer sweet ones.


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