Xiang Yuan Qiao 香沅橋

After a delicious crispy crepe at Japanese Waffle House, I decided to get something a bit more substantial for dinner. Yes I ate my meal backwards... dessert first and entree after. I noticed a really long line in front of Xiang Yuan Qiao, a food court stall that sells Yunnan's specialty "cross bridge rice noodles". I took a look at the prices and the two person pot seemed like a good deal: $15 for 2 orders of rice noodles, 3 choices of meat and 1 choice of veggie served in a hot earthen pot.

The texture of the noodles was very smooth. So smooth, in fact, that it was a challenge to pick them up with chopsticks as they just kept sliding back into the pot. The earthen pot did a good job of keeping the soup nice and hot, and the pot remained heated as we ate. There were a lot of toppings and the portions were sufficient for a light dinner for two, but I probably wouldn't have been full if I hadn't eaten that crepe. The flavour of the soup was pretty good though, so I wouldn't mind having this again.

Xiang Yuan Qiao Bridge Rice Noodle 香沅橋雲南過橋米線 on Urbanspoon


  1. delicious food, but i heard that they used MSG

  2. Yea that's always something to watch out for when eating out, but it's hard to avoid >_<

  3. U should try the chicken rice noodle though. It is my personal fav :D


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