Mazazu Crepe (Aberdeen Food Court)

I have tried a few of the sweet crepes at Mazazu Crepe, but I have never been able to try #39: the green tea shiratama azuki soft ice cream crepe ($4.95). A couple times they didn't have shiratama, a couple times they didn't have azuki, and another time they ran out of ice cream. Today they finally had everything, so I finally got to try it. I chose a mix of milk and green tea ice cream that was served with 3 mochi balls, a bit of sweet red bean paste, quite a lot of whipped cream, and some green tea powder sprinkled on top. They made the crepe fresh, so it was very warm when they gave it to me and the ice cream had mostly melted inside. There was very little red bean paste and way too much chunky whipped cream for my liking. The crepe itself was rather unexciting. I believe that the best way to judge a crepe is by eating it plain with just butter and sugar. I have tried that at Cafe Crepe and the result was a wonderfully soft and tasty crepe. I have also tried the same thing at Mazazu Crepe and it was very disappointing. The crepe was rubbery and tasteless. I think the novelty of Mazazu is in the interesting combinations of ingredients they use while the crepe is simply a wrapper for the tasty fillings. The following picture is a nice comparison between the actual crepe and the replica :)

Mazazu Crepe on Urbanspoon


  1. Knowing your anti-propensity towards whipped cream, you should've chosen something with much less cream.....

  2. The creeps here are very bad. And u use up 5 CAD for each one. What a waste! :(

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