Hanabi (Aberdeen Food Court)

November 14, 2010
I met up with Shamu and Mich today in Richmond, and we decided to have a light lunch at Aberdeen. I got an okonomiyaki ($4.48) at Hanabi, which I had to wait 15 minutes for. The texture of the pancake was quite doughy, and there weren't a lot of other ingredients. I don't think it had any of the common ingredients like cabbage or meat. I remember seeing an option to add mochi or cheese for an extra 70 cents each. I didn't add anything, so my pancake was pretty much just flour and water and a few small pieces of ginger with sauce and bonito flakes on top.

It was ok but really not worth the money. I've made my own okonomiyaki using fresh cabbage and prepackaged powders from the supermarket, and it tasted better than this.

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