Beard Papa's (City Square)

November 12, 2010
Today I went to City Square to pick up some Beard Papa's so I could compare with the Richmond Centre location. This time I tried the fondant au chocolat ($2.50) because I've read some good reviews about it. The lady at Beard Papa's didn't give me any reheating instructions, but I've read that the fondant needs to be microwaved for 30 seconds so that the chocolate inside would melt. I don't have a microwave at home, so I heated up my small oven and turned it off, then put the fondant inside for a few minutes to let it soften. It kind of worked, but the chocolate inside didn't exactly pour out. It was more like a liquidy chocolate mousse. To be honest, I have no idea why anyone would like this. It was so sweet and rich that it was sickening. I actually like eating desserts and chocolates, and I can't imagine wanting more than 2 bites of this cake. I guess it's for the die-hard chocolate fans out there.

I also got the eclair ($1.95) which is just a vanilla creampuff with chocolate on top. I was right! The choux pastry was different from the RC location, and the whole thing was a lot bigger and puffier. But the vanilla cream filling wasn't as good as the Aberdeen location. There were very little vanilla bean specks in the custard, so there wasn't a very strong vanilla taste.

I picked up a couple of the cheesecake sticks as well, but I didn't take pictures this time. I noticed that the cheesecake sticks were a lot bigger than the ones at the RC location though. I think City Square is better than RC, but Aberdeen is still the best.

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