Foggy Dew (Richmond)

November 14, 2010
I sat down with Shamu and Mich for a drink at The Foggy Dew after walking around Richmond all day. We ordered a pitcher of Guinness ($15.63) to share. As Mich noted, there was a shamrock in the foam on top. How cute :)

We also got a huge plate of nachos ($13) to share. The nachos were topped with cheese, diced tomatoes, black olives and jalapeno peppers. It was really filling, but we managed to finish it!

After we polished off the Guinness, I decided to try the tiramisu coffee ($6.75). I remember there were quite a few different liquors in the drink, but I can't recall which ones anymore. The cup was rimmed with cinnamon sugar and topped with a load of whipped cream. The first sip was like drinking a frappe, but then the alcohol had a strong bite in the middle and caught me off guard. The drink was quite strong, and tasted better with the sugar on the rim.

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  1. I don't know why but I absolutely hate alcohol with milk in it >___< A lot of people's favourite Bailey's is like my prison T^T

  2. lol I didn't like it too much... I wouldn't get it again. This is the first time I had alcohol with milk though so I dunno if they're all bad xD


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