Bread Garden Urban Cafe (Davie)

I have been to Bread Garden a couple of times, but I have never visited their newly labelled Urban Cafes. I think the main difference is that the Urban Cafe is a lot more casual and features walk-up food counters and pre-made food in the display case.

I got a wildberry smoothie ($4.09) and enjoyed it despite the cold weather. It was very thick and I had to wait for it to melt a bit before I could finish it.

I tried the vegetarian lasagna ($6.50) because I didn't see a meat version in the display case. But then my order took a long time to come because they heated a meat lasagna by mistake, so I guess they did have it. I'm glad I got the vegetarian one though, because I liked it more than the meat. Hard to imagine, right? Part of the reason was that it wasn't as heavy and filling, and I didn't feel bloated after finishing it. It was still quite rich because of the sauce and the cheese, but the cabbage, carrots and other vegetables balanced it out.

This light lunch was not bad, and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. But for the same price, there are a lot of other options instead of pre-made food that's heated up upon ordering.

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