Royal Garden Restaurant 帝苑酒家

November 30, 2012
Since we were staying overnight in Hinton, we had planned to stop for dinner in Jasper. But as it was getting dark, we decided to head straight to the hotel. It was already around 9 pm by the time we got there. Luckily a Chinese restaurant conveniently located right beside the Super 8 we were staying at was still open. We knew the food probably wouldn't be authentic, but we couldn't afford to be picky since we were all starving. The restaurant looked pretty nice with giant bamboo plants and a Guanyin statue right at the entrance.

The dinner menu was quite extensive with stereotypical Chinese dishes like sweet and sour pork and ginger beef, Malaysian appetizers, as well as several Thai soups and noodle dishes.

Surprisingly roti canai ($5.99) was also on the menu, but it wasn't flaky or fluffy at all. It was just a flat pan-fried pastry. I didn't enjoy this very much, but the price was cheap for 8 pieces.

The sweet and sour ribs ($11.99) were mostly bones with very little meat, but the portion made up for it. The flavour was not that great, but we were happy enough that we had hot food so late at night in such a small town.

We went with a Thai option for our carbs — the pad thai ($16.99). The portion was quite big and more than enough for one person. This noodle dish was probably the tastiest choice, though it was nowhere near authentic. There was no sweet and sour flavour, only the saltiness of soy sauce.

In short, the only way I would dine here again is if I found myself stuck in Hinton again with no other options.

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  1. For the record... we have eaten at this restaurant many times and love the food, service and appeal. On another note..."Stuck in Hinton???" Wow, I can say with an attitude like that you would be hard pressed to find any place that would be suitable to your needs.

  2. It's great that you enjoy the food here. I also thought the service was not bad. And given the situation that almost no other place was open, I was happy enough that I found this restaurant and there was hot food available.
    I didn't mean "stuck in Hinton" to be offensive in any way, but you're right it was a bad choice of wording on my part.

  3. I can't believe you found a place like this in Hinton!!


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