IHOP (Coquitlam)

I was looking for a quick breakfast before going on a short road trip to Edmonton. That was when I realized that not many places are open at 7 am in the morning. Finally I settled on IHOP in Coquitlam and decided to try something different this time. The Swedish crepes have been on my mind for a while, but I've never been tempted to stray from the usual eggs, pancakes and waffles. Well the crepes turned out to be a delicious option with sweet-tart lingonberries and clumpy lingonberry butter. I didn't like the butter as it was basically pure fat and I hated the greasy sensation in my mouth. But the thin eggy crepes and fruity sauce were scrumptious.

These crepes became my breakfast of choice at IHOP, but unfortunately not every location makes them the same way. I ordered this dish at the IHOP in Edmonton and it was far from satisfactory. The crepes tasted floury and bland with no egg flavour at all, and the butter had a weird odor that probably came from the fridge. Since there is only one IHOP location in Edmonton, I guess that means I won't be getting any more of these tasty crepes for a while.

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  1. Make your own! =D

  2. @pyaria: I've tried, but it tasted kinda bad like the one at the Edmonton IHOP. Got any good recipes?


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