Hoang Long 龍皇餐廳 (WEM)

December 03, 2012
Hoang Long is a Vietnamese restaurant that serves up pho and other traditional rice and noodle dishes. It's conveniently located right outside of the T&T at West Edmonton Mall. This is your typical Asian restaurant in terms of both food and service, which means the food is average and service is non-existent. But the place is a good option if it's dinner time on a Saturday night and you don't feel like spending over half an hour in line for one of the restaurants downstairs. There is another pho place on the other side of T&T, but I find the seating here is much nicer.

I had the basic pho with rare beef ($8.50) which was rather unexciting. The soup wasn't hot enough, but at least the beef was actually rare.

I visited Hoang Long again on another occasion and tried the tomato, meatball and shrimp vermicelli in soup ($10) which was much much better than the pho. I really enjoyed the slightly tart tomato-based broth with the sweetness of shrimp. Next time I'll most likely get that again.

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