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European Breads Bakery's crepe cafe prides itself in creating healthy organic crepes with unique batter options: white flour, spelt flour, or buckwheat flour. While the crepes were indeed quite good, I would never come back nor would I recommend this place due to the disrespectful staff.

The Story:
I had a Groupon that offered any 2 specialty crepes for $8, so I decided to take my parents for an afternoon snack. There were 3 categories of crepes: breakfast ($6.95), specialty ($9.95), and dessert ($7.95). As soon as I sat down, I confirmed with the waitress that the Groupon would cover ANY crepe on the menu. When I placed my order, I specifically stated that I wanted to use the Groupon for 2 specialty crepes and that I wanted another dessert crepe on top of that. She nodded as she scribbled on her notepad and went off to prepare our food. When the bill came, we were charged $9.95 for a specialty crepe instead of $7.95 for a dessert crepe. The difference was only $2 and I would have been fine with it if she had corrected me when I ordered instead of blatantly deceiving us like that. I went up to the counter and asked politely for an explanation. Her response was: "You went over the value. The Groupon only covers up to $19.90 worth of food." I did the math and showed her that $9.95 x 2 = $19.90. Then she said because the Groupon was a "special", it makes sense for them as a business to charge me for the more expensive item to make the most profit. I asked her to explain why the Groupon couldn't be used to cover the 2 specialty crepes. At this point, she folded her arms in front of her and said crossly: "Well why does it have to be that way?" This developed into a rather heated debate and finally out of frustration, I asked her to split the bill which she promptly refused: "No you were sitting at the same table. It says one Groupon per table." How does that even make sense? In the end we outright told her that we were not going to pay the higher amount. She finally relented and angrily gave us the new total. She also made me give her my name and phone number so she could report to her manager.

When the nutella and banana crepe came, I was a bit worried since the crepe was a pale whitish colour as if it were undercooked. But the thin pancake had the rich and comforting taste of flour and the texture was soft and chewy. It was one of the better crepes I've had, but some people may find it too chewy.

The 2 specialty crepes looked quite similar as they both had savoury fillings. The first one was ham, pineapple and cheese, and the second one was smoked salmon, cream cheese and spinach. The crepes were good just like the dessert crepe, but I'm still not a fan of savoury fillings. I think that crepes go a lot better with gooey chocolate and caramel sauce and fruits.

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  1. Ah people.

    I am also a bigger fan of sweet crepes than savory; to me, a crepe is a dessert, and a savory dessert is... not a true dessert.

    Unfortunately, a dessert crepe for lunch just doesn't hit the spot =(

  2. @pyaria: I just get really annoyed when businesses are deceiving like that. If they are so pissed off about people coming in with promotions, then they should just not run a deal.

    Yep I consider a crepe a dessert as well, but I do appreciate savoury sweets like salty Pocky :)
    And I wasn't eating that for lunch. It was just an afternoon snack.


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