Simply French Cafe

From its posh-sounding name, Simply French Cafe sounded like it would be a fancy and stylish street-side coffee shop, much like those in Italy or France. In reality, it was quaintly stylish but not as elegant as I had expected.

The interior was very spacious with a mishmash of tables and chairs. The place almost felt like a second-hand shop that might sell little trinkets and antiques. The staff behind the counter was laid back and relaxed, just like the overall ambiance of the cafe. I took my time ordering and enjoying my food, and didn't feel rushed at all.

I had a coupon that offered 6 assorted macarons and 2 hot drinks for $12.50. The macarons were prepackaged and I was simply offered a pack from behind the glass display. The packaging was simple and couldn't compare with the fancy Thierry macaron box. The taste was also far from satisfactory. The meringue shell was soft and crumbly with lots of air pockets, while the filling lacked both flavour and chewy texture. I was particularly disappointed at some of the bland artificial flavours.

The drinks were decent, but also typical of any coffee shop in Vancouver and nothing to rave about.

The ambiance was nice and I think this cafe would be great for chatting with friends or spending a lazy afternoon with a book (or laptop). Unfortunately the macarons were not up to par and the coffee was not particularly impressive. The price was not bad considering I had a coupon, but it would have been quite expensive at regular price.

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