Moii Cafe (Kitsilano)

I had a pretty bad first impression of Moii Cafe because of a previous failed attempt to eat there. I had come all the way from Richmond only to discover that the store was closed. When I tried to look for regular business hours, I saw a sign that read: "Whenever we feel like it." I was quite turned off by this, even though I knew they were probably just trying to be funny.

I recently made my way to this cute little cafe again and my luck didn't seem better this time around. A large group of high school kids occupied 3 small tables that had been pushed together and they were chatting and giggling very loudly. One other customer was using a laptop at a larger table, so the only table left in the store was a high table with uncomfortable tall chairs. No wonder so many people got take-out instead. As I tried to place my order, the crepe-maker/waitress (the only staff in the cafe) apologetically told me to hold on as she prepared the crepes and drinks for the high school group. This took quite a while and I didn't get to order until at least 15-20 mins after sitting down. I quickly listed the crepes I wanted: "Great Canadian, banana and nutella, and sugar and lemon juice please." Minutes later, a large glass of lemon juice ($4.75) appeared in front of me. I told the waitress I wanted a sugar and lemon juice crepe and not a lemon juice drink, and she was nice enough to let me have the drink for free. It was quite refreshing, but I would never pay almost $5 for lemonade.

The Great Canadian ($9.5) was a smoked salmon, spinach and cheese crepe served with a small side of salad as it was a savoury option. I'm not really a fan of savoury crepes, but I find that savoury ingredients work quite well when the crepe is not that great since the flavour of the filling pretty much overwhelms the taste of the crepe.

I was initially quite worried as I watched the waitress prepare the crepe. She didn't seem very experienced or skilled and the crepe was broken in places with burnt patches. Luckily since I ordered a banana and nutella crepe ($6), the icing sugar and chocolate sauce covered the flaws up quite well. I also liked the chocolate Pocky as a finishing touch.

The sugar and lemon juice crepe ($5) was probably the worst choice since the overall taste was very much dependent on the quality of the crepe batter. In this case, the crepe was rather tasteless and the lemon juice concentrate gave a very artificial flavour. Also the crepe was very rubbery and soggy from the juice inside.

Due to the super long wait time, uncomfortable seating, outrageously expensive drinks and below-average crepes, I wouldn't recommend this place. But if you are in the area and you have a craving for crepes, it might not be a bad idea to order some take-out.

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