PIVcafe 温部落

October 10, 2012
Apart from Capstone Tea & Fondue, there is now another choice for bubble tea and chocolate fondue in Richmond. I had a $9.99 voucher (regular: $33.88) that offered drinks and fondue for two, so I invited Doris to join me for a late afternoon snack which turned out to be an early dinner.

The place was small with only a few tables, but the menu was in the form of an iPad. Fancy!

Two drinks were included and we both went for hot drinks. I chose milk tea just to be safe and Doris went with her favourite honey green tea. Apparently milk tea wasn't a very safe choice at all as it was extremely sweet and diluted at the same time. It pretty much tasted like sweetened milk and hot water with a teabag thrown in as an afterthought. Doris commented that her drink was pretty good though. Interestingly enough, her honey green tea was not nearly as sweet as my milk tea.

We both agreed on dark chocolate instead of white since we knew the fruits and pastries would be sweet. I thought the colourful setup was cute, but that was the only memorable thing about the meal. The chocolate was not very good quality and the nuts were not very fresh. The pot was actually not suitable for fondue because the bottom was too thin and the chocolate got way too hot and we had to blow out the tealight.

I could tell the fruits were not particularly fresh either and the pastries left much to be desired. The lemon and banana cake cubes were dry and stale, while the mini marshmallows, pretzel sticks and cookies had obviously just come out of a store-bought bag. The only decent item was the ice cream profiterole, but that was most definitely store-bought too — probably straight from the frozen section of Superstore.

So really what does this place have to offer? The drinks were not that great, the food was below average, and seating was not exactly comfortable. It was a decent place to hang out and chat just because no one else was there, and service was not bad. We even got a full collection of cute collectible pens!

But just because the food was not comparable at all to Capstone, I really have no reason to come back here.

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