Bee Kim Heng

October 09, 2012
I haven't updated for a while since I've relocated to Edmonton for work and have just settled in at my new home. I still have quite a few Vancouver posts to catch up on though, so there will be a lot of new Vancouver content in the coming weeks. This post features a tasty snack that I will definitely miss. I picked up a voucher a few months ago for half a pound of meat jerky (regular: $14.95) at Bee Kim Heng. I had just eaten a pre-packaged box of pork jerky that was on sale from T&T, so I was eager to see how BKH's pork jerky would compare. Well... there was no comparison. The boxed jerky was dry and tough with hard patches that were almost impossible to bite through. BKH's jerky was made out of sweet and juicy strips of high quality pork that was evenly moist throughout. According to the website, the jerky is made fresh daily in the store.

Since no preservatives are added, the meat jerky have a shelf life of around 30 days.

BKH's meat jerky is an expensive snack, but it is well worth the price. Just be sure to keep it in the fridge if you don't end up eating it all on the first day. I was silly and left the container out in the summer heat for a few days, so mold took over and stole my last few pieces. I'm still quite bitter about that.

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  1. Hm. if it's cured properly, mold shouldn't grow on it unless it was also wet....?

  2. @pyaria: I think you have a different idea of meat jerky? This kind is actually rather moist and juicy, not completely dried out like the packaged ones at grocery stores. You should try it!


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