Shanghai Shanghai (Aberdeen Food Court)

I purchased a $7.99 coupon for Shanghai Shanghai in the Aberdeen Centre food court. The coupon included 6 XLB (juicy pork dumplings) (南翔小籠包), a choice of hot and sour rice noodles (酸辣過橋米線) or Shanghai style dumplings (上海小餛飩), and a soft drink. I opted for the hot and sour rice noodles which was not too bad for food court standards. There were a LOT of veggies, a few thin slices of spam, and a handful of thin rice vermicelli. The soup was just a little bit spicy and not all that sour. The spiciness was the kind that makes the nose run but doesn't burn the mouth. The XLB were extremely juicy and I have stains on my shirt to prove this. The skin wasn't done very well though, as there were little bumps all over the surface.

Would I order this again? The answer is 99% no. If I wanted a hot bowl of noodles, I could go to Chef Hung for Taiwanese beef noodles. There are so many other options in Aberdeen like Guu for Japanese food or Fisherman's Terrace for dim sum. There's really no point in paying over $10 to eat at a food court when I could dine in a restaurant for around the same amount.

Shanghai Shanghai 南翔小籠 (Aberdeen Centre) on Urbanspoon


  1. Hahaha. It does kind of boggle my mind that food court food prices (in general now, but definitely more so at Aberdeen) are on par with many restaurants or casual dining places.

    I tend to define "food court" food as relatively inexpensive and fast, and it's interesting to note that neither of those adjectives really apply to "food court" food anymore.

  2. @pyaria: Yep I remember how shocked I was when I realized that a regular poutine from NYF costs over $7 with extra gravy and tax. And generally the wait at a popular food court stall is approximately 15-20 minutes. Neither inexpensive nor fast...


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