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September 05, 2012
I have been to Cafe de Waraku when it first opened and I remember the pasta was one of the worst I've had. It was bland and flavourless supposedly due to the fact that it was prepared in the healthiest way possible with no MSG and very little sodium. Personally I don't care how healthy something is if it tastes like crap, so I was never tempted to give it another try even when Kirby suggested it for lunch one time. Then I read her post on it and realized the place is now a dessert house in addition to being a pasta house. She raved about the caramel apple cheesecake, but I thought it was a bit too expensive at almost $7 a slice. So when I saw a deal voucher offering a dessert and drink for $5.99, I immediately grabbed a few. Of course the first cake I tried was the caramel apple cheesecake which was really quite good. It was a mix of creamy cheese and rich caramel with apple chunks scattered throughout and on top of the cake. I might come back for this since it's only $5.95 with the purchase of a drink. Compared to the portions at Berry Good, this is a decent option for cheesecake in Richmond.

The durian cheesecake is one of the most popular choices and I figured I should give it a try as well. This was most interesting as the cake tasted like durian when I first put it in my mouth, but the cheese flavour took over when it started melting. I probably wouldn't order it again though, as it didn't really wow me.

I also tried the chocolate almond torte — one of the newest additions to the selection. It was the most disappointing choice as the almonds were not fresh and had a stale taste that ruined the cake. The chocolate wasn't very good quality either and didn't have the richness and depth of dark chocolate.

The organic chai spice tea was served in a teabag, but the upside to that was being able to get hot water for a second cup.

The house iced coffee might be a better choice since the coffee beans are supposedly ground in-house.

On one side of the store was a glass display with all of the cakes available for the day as well as shelves of homemade cookies for sale.

Looking at the display is better than looking at the menu, especially if you have no idea what to pick.

I took a look at the cookies and they were individually packed and looked rather expensive. There was no price tag and I didn't bother asking, but it looked like something you would buy as a gift instead of eating yourself.

I'm not sure whether I have the courage to try the pasta again after my experience last time, but I might come back for the caramel apple cheesecake.

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  1. lol. I'm a bit of a coffee snob now, but if a place doesn't grind their own coffee beans, ESPECIALLY FOR AN ESPRESSO-BASED DRINK, it's not a serious coffee place. Even if it doesn't advertise itself as a serious coffee place, I'm edging towards the view that it doesn't even deserve to call its coffee "house special" or "in-house".

    Rant over. =)

    The durian cheesecake looks smaller than the apple caramel!

  2. @pyaria: Well this isn't a coffee place. It's a pasta and dessert place. And yeah the coffee here definitely wouldn't live up to your standards.

    Good observation about the cheesecake! Haha the durian one is $1 cheaper.

  3. @Kirby: Yep it was not bad. The only part I didn't like too much was the soggy base, but I guess that's unavoidable since it's sitting in the display all day.


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