Golden Pair 皇牌

November 27, 2011
Golden Pair is yet another place that offers rice noodles in fish broth, which seems to be a Chinese food trend these days. A bowl of noodles with your choice of broth, noodle type and 2 toppings costs $7.95 and also includes a basic $2.50 drink. Or you could choose to upgrade to a bubble tea for an extra $2. I opted for rice noodles in tomato and pumpkin fish broth with fresh fish fillet and fish puffs. The soup was unexciting and downright bland. The veggies and pumpkin slices were still half raw, so they were super crunchy. The noodles and fish puffs were overcooked and mushy, and the fresh fish fillet did not taste very fresh at all. I basically can’t find anything positive to say about this dish, except that it was at least edible. Read on to find out what I mean.

I got to choose my drink from the red/green tea section because I was using a deal voucher, so I opted for hot ginger tea (which isn’t a red or green tea, go figure). After I had a sip of this, the noodles suddenly tasted like heaven. The drink actually smelled amazing, if only it were a shampoo or soap. It didn’t smell or taste like anything edible (or drinkable in this case). I don’t like to waste, but I had no choice but to leave this shampoo water mostly untouched.

After this experience, my only comment is never again… with or without a deal voucher. Spicy Stage makes much better rice noodles in fish broth. The food here was horrible, and service was not particularly good. I especially did not appreciate what I overheard the owner say to our server when we asked for the bill: “They don’t need a bill (since we used a deal voucher). Tell them to leave the tips on the table.” That wasn’t exactly rude, but it sure didn’t sound like the restaurant appreciated our business.

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