Thai House (Richmond)

November 25, 2011
Although Thai House has been around for years, I had never tried it because I don't have much faith in chain restaurants. That's not to say chain restaurants are always horrible, but they rarely impress. As it happened, our lunch meeting was delayed and a group of coworkers decided to head for lunch at Thai House on No. 3 Road. The server asked us what we wanted to drink, and a couple of us asked for hot tea ($1.50). The tea was not complimentary as it was a jasmine teabag served with hot water in a teapot. It wasn’t a good tea (What do you expect from a cheap teabag?), but at least it was piping hot.

There were 2 lunch menus: one with a list of entrees for $7.95 each and the other for $9.95 each. All entrees come with soup, salad and a spring roll. The soup was a hot and sour soup much like the Shanghainese version, except it was very thick and slightly sweet as well.

I ordered the pad thai ($9.95) and the portion was quite big. The noodles were a bit mushy and the prawn was not very fresh. The spring roll was surprisingly good though, as the shredded veggie filling was tasty and not very oily.

The meal was not bad and prices were reasonable for the amount of food served. But I value quality over quantity, so I wouldn’t recommend this place.

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