Spicy Stage Cafe 川味魚米線

Spicy Stage Cafe is a small store selling mainly noodles along with a variety of side dishes. There are some other choices on the menu as well, but I figured I should order noodles at a noodle shop. Each bowl of noodles costs $7.50 and is highly customizable with your choice of soup base, noodle type and 2 toppings. I got tomato and fish soup with rice noodles, fish tofu puff and winter melon slices. There were actually quite a few extra ingredients apart from the toppings I ordered. There were a few regular tofu puffs, dried bean curd and siu choy, as well as chopped parsley and green onions. The milky soup was smooth and flavourful, but probably contained quite a bit of MSG because I felt rather thirsty for the rest of the day.

The noodles came with a free regular hot drink. I chose milk tea which is apparently their specialty. It was silky smooth and had a strong tea flavour coupled with creamy evaporated milk. The balance between tea and milk was perfect. It was one of the best HK style milk teas I've had in Vancouver.

Although the soup base was a bit heavy on MSG, the noodles and toppings were tasty and adequately portioned. I think the price is good value for what you get. Paying $7.50 for a bowl of noodles and a drink is not bad at all.

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  1. I was here before, in early January!

    I was surprised by how generous the portions were, too - glad to see that that hasn't changed.

    They've switched their cups out though - when I went there, the cups were square with a round base!

  2. I was there a 2nd time, and yes I remember the cups having a square bottom but with a round saucer! But I didn't pay attention during my 1st visit. That picture does look like a normal round cup though...


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